A Profile in Courage: Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama): A Red State Democrat Votes for Conviction of Donald J. Trump

(In his 5 February 2020 statement before the Senate, Senator Doug Jones insists that his vote to convict Donald J. Trump in the Impeachment Trial was not a Profile in Courage, but the webmaster disagrees – his decision is courage personified.
You see, Senator Jones, a Democratic Senator in Alabama, a Red state, is up for re-election in 2020.
It is likely he will lose.
While his speech may not be as polished or consequential as Senator Romney’s moving explanation about the importance of his God and religion in his decision to convict, Senator Jones has much more to lose personally. While Mitt Romney is likely to pay a steep political price for his decision, he will eventually be okay. He is not up for re-election until 2024 – in a state that despises Trump and loves Romney. Moreover, the Senator from Utah is independently wealthy – personal wealth reportedly $250,000,000.
However, Senator Jones is not independently wealthy, personal wealth reportedly $1,000,000, not exactly a fortune in 2020.
During his lifetime, Senator Jones will pay a steep price: personally, politically, professionally, and, yes, probably financially.
But make no mistake: History will treat him kindly – more than just an asterisk.
Perhaps he, his family, and supporters can take small comfort, despite the consequences of his momentous decision.
The C-SPAN transcript of his statement is presented in all caps, with some transcription errors, and in one large block paragraph. Therefore, admin has decided on capitalization and the paragraphing as presented below. All capitalization and paragraphing errors are hers alone.)

Thank you, Mr. President. [Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa]
On the day I was sworn in as a United States Senator, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Just last month, at the beginning of the impeachment trial, I took a second oath to do fair and impartial according to the same Constitution I swore to protect. As I took the oath and throughout the impeachment trial, I couldn’t help but think of my father.
As many of you know, I lost my dad over the holiday recess.
While so many were arguing over whether or not the Speaker of the House should send articles of Impeachment to the Senate, I was struggling with watching him slip away while only occasionally trying to weigh in with my voice to be heard about the need for witnesses in the upcoming Impeachment trial.
My Dad was a great man, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who did his best to instill in me the values of right and wrong as I grew up in Fairfield, Alabama. He was also a fierce patriot who loved this country.
Although fortunately he was never called on to do so, I firmly believed he would have placed his country even before his family because he knew and understood fully what America and the freedoms and liberties that come with Her mean to everyone in this great country and significantly to people around the world.
I know he would have put his country before any allegiance to any political party or even to any President.
He was on the younger side of that Greatest Generation who joined the Navy at age 17 to serve our great military.
That service and love of country shaped him into the man of principle that he was, instilling in me those same principles. And think[ing] of him, his patriotism, his principles, and how he raised me, I am reminded of Robert Kennedy’s words that were mentioned in this trial.
Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rare commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence, yet it is the one essential vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Candidly to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, I fear that moral courage, country before party is a rare commodity these days.
We can write about it and talk about it in speeches and in the media, but it is harder to put into action when political careers may be on the line
Nowhere is the dilemma more difficult than in an impeachment of a President of the United States. Very early on in this process, I implored my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, in both Houses of Congress, to stay out of their political and partisan corners. Many did, but so many did not.
Even the media continually viewed this entire process through partisan and political eyes and how it may or may not affect an election.
That is unfortunate.
The country deserves better, and we must find a way to move beyond such partisan divides.
The solemn oath that I have taken has been my guide during what has been a difficult time for the country, my state, and for me personally.
I did not run for the Senate hoping to participate in the Impeachment Trial of a duly elected President, but I cannot and will not shrink from my duty to defend the Constitution and to do impartial justice. In keeping with my oath as Senator and my oath to do impartial justice, I resolve that throughout this process I would keep an open mind to consider the evidence without regard to political affiliation and to hear all of the evidence before making a final decision on whether, on either charge against the President.
I believe that my votes [to convict on both articles] later today [5 February 2020] will reflect that commitment. With the eyes of history upon us, I’m acutely aware of the precedents that this Impeachment Trial will set for future Presidencies and Congresses. Unfortunately, I do not believe that those precedents are good ones.
I am particularly concerned that we have now set a precedent that the Senate does not have to go forward with witnesses or review documents even when those witnesses have firsthand information and the documents would allow us to test not just the credibility of witnesses, but also test the words of Counsel of both parties.
It is my firm belief the American people deserve more.
In short, witnesses and documents would provide the Senate and the American people with a more complete picture of the truth, and I believe the American people deserve nothing less.
That’s not say, however, that there is not sufficient evidence in which to render a judgment. There is. As a trial lawyer, I once explained this process to a jury is like putting together the pieces of the puzzle.
When you open the box and spread all the pieces on the table, it’s just an incoherent jumble. But one by one, you hold these pieces up and you hold them next to each other and see what fits and what doesn’t. And even if, as was often the case in my house growing up, you’re missing a few pieces, even important ones, you more often than not see the picture.
As I’ve said many times, I believe the American people deserve to see a completed puzzle, a picture with all the pieces, pieces in the form of documents and witnesses with relevant firsthand information which would have provided valuable context, corroboration or contradiction, to that which we have heard.
But even with missing pieces, our common sense and life’s experience allow us to see the picture as it comes into full view.
Throughout the trial, one piece of evidence continued to stand out for me. It was the President’s statement that under the Constitution, we have Article 2, and “I can do anything I want.” That seems to capture this President’s belief about the Presidency, that he has unbridled power, unchecked by Congress or the Judiciary or anyone else. That view [is] dangerous as it explains the President’s actions towards Ukraine and Congress.
Some of what we’ve seen and heard is unfortunately a picture of a President who abused the great power of his office for personal gain, a picture of a President who has placed his personal interest well above the interest of the nation, and in doing so threatened our national security. The security of our European allies and the security of Ukraine. The evidence clearly proves that the President used the weight of his office and the weight of the United States government to seek to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our election for his personal benefit.
His actions were more than simply inappropriate.
They were an abuse of power.
When I was a lawyer for the Alabama Judiciary Inquiry Commission, there was a saying that the Chairman of the Inquiry Commission and one of Alabama’s great judges used to say, Randall Colehe used to say about judges who strayed from the cannon of ethics, that the Judge left his post. Sadly, President Trump left his post with regard to the withholding of military aid to Ukraine and a White House visit for the new Ukrainian President. And in doing so, he took the great powers of the office of the President of the United States with him.
Impeachment is the only check on such Presidential wrongdoing. The Second Article of Impeachment, obstruction of Congress, gave me more pause.
I’ve struggled to understand the House’s strategy and their failure to fully pursue documents and witnesses and wished that they had done more. However, after careful consideration of the evidence developed in the hearings, the public disclosures, the legal precedence in the trial, I believe the President deliberately and unconstitutionally obstructed Congress by refusing to cooperate with the investigation into any way – investigation in any way.
While I’m sensitive to protecting the privileges and immunities afforded to the President and his advisors, I believe it’s critical to our constitutional structure that we also protect the authorities of the Congress of the United States. Here, it was clear from the outset that the President had no intention whatsoever of accommodating Congress when he brought both – fought both witnesses and documents being produced. He engaged in conduct to smear the reputation, of the civil servants who did come forward and provide testimony.
The President’s actions demonstrate a belief that he is above the law, that Congress has no power whatsoever in questioning or examining his actions and that all who do so at their peril.
That belief unprecedented in history of this country simply must not be permitted to stand.
To do otherwise risks guaranteeing that no future whistle-blower or witness will ever come forward, and no future President, Republican or Democrat, will be subject to Congressional oversight as mandated by the Constitution, even when the President has so clearly abused his office and violated the public trust.
Accordingly, I will vote to convict the President on both Articles of Impeachment.
In doing so, I am mindful that, in a Democracy, there is nothing more sacred than the right to vote and respecting the will of the people.
But I’m also mindful that when our Founders wrote the Constitution, they envisioned a time or at least a possibility that our Democracy would be more damaged if we failed to impeach and remove a President such as the moment in History that we face today.
The gravity of this moment, the seriousness of the charges, and the implication for future Presidents and Congresses all contributed to the difficulty with which I’ve arrived at my decision.
I am mindful, Mr. President [Senator Charles Grassley], that I am standing at a desk that once was used by JohnF. Kennedy who famously wrote Profiles in Courage, and there will be so many who will simply look at what I’m doing today and say it is a Profile in Courage.
It is not.
It is simply a matter of right and wrong.
We’re doing – where doing right is not a courageous act.
It is simply following your oath.
Mr. President, [Senator Charles Grassley], this has been a divisive time for our country, but I think it has nonetheless been an important constitutional process for us to follow.
As this chapter of History draws to a close, one thing is clear to me.
As I’ve said before, our country deserves better than this.
They deserve better from the President.
They deserve better from the Congress.
We must find a way to come together to set aside partisan differences and to focus on what we have in common as Americans.
While so much is going on in our favor these days, we still face great challenges, both dom mostically and enter – domestically and internationally, but it remains my official belief that united we can conquer them and remain the greatest hope for the people around the world.
Mr. President [Senator Charles Grassley], I ask unanimous consent that my full statement be printed in the record.


Official Press Release from the Office of Senator Doug Jones
On the day I was sworn in as a United States Senator, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. At the beginning of the impeachment trial, I took a second oath to do ‘impartial justice’ according to the same Constitution I swore to protect.
These solemn oaths have been my guides during what has been a difficult time for our country, for my state, and for me personally. I did not run for Senate hoping to participate in the impeachment trial of a duly-elected President, but I cannot and will not shrink from my duty to defend the Constitution and to do impartial justice.
In keeping with my oaths, I resolved that throughout this process I would keep an open mind and hear all of the evidence before making a final decision on the charges against the President. For months, I have been studying the facts of this case exhaustively. I have read thousands of pages of transcripts, watched videos of testimony, taken copious notes, reviewed history and precedents and discussed this case with colleagues, staff, and constituents, in addition to having participated in the Senate trial over the past two weeks. After many sleepless nights, I have reluctantly concluded that the evidence is sufficient to convict the President for both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
With the eyes of history upon us, I am acutely aware of the precedents this impeachment trial will set for future presidencies and Congresses. Unfortunately, I do not believe those precedents are good ones. I am particularly concerned that we have now set a precedent that a fair trial in the Senate does not include witnesses and documentary evidence, even when those witnesses have first-hand information and the evidence would provide the Senate and the American people with a more complete picture of the truth.
I am also deeply troubled by the partisan nature of these proceedings from start to finish. Very early on I implored my colleagues in both houses of Congress to stay out of their partisan corners. Many did, but so many did not. The country deserves better. We must find a way to rise above the things that divide us and find the common good.
Having done my best to see through the fog of partisanship, I am deeply troubled by the arguments put forth by the President’s lawyers in favor of virtually unchecked presidential power. In this case, the evidence clearly proves the President used the weight of his office and that of the United States government to seek to coerce a foreign government to interfere in our election for his personal political benefit. The President’s actions placed his personal interests well above the national interests and threatened the security of the United States, our allies in Europe, and our ally Ukraine. His actions were more than simply inappropriate. They were an abuse of power. With impeachment as the only check on such presidential wrongdoing, I felt I must vote to convict on the first charge of abuse of power.
The second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress, gave me even more pause. I have struggled to understand the House’s strategy in their pursuit of documents and witnesses and wished they had done more. However, after careful consideration of the evidence developed in the hearings, the public disclosures, the legal precedents, and the trial, I believe the President deliberately and unconstitutionally obstructed Congress by refusing to cooperate with the investigation in any way. While I am sensitive to protecting the privileges and immunities afforded to the President and his advisors, I believe it is critical to our constitutional structure that we protect Congress’ authorities also. In this matter it was clear from the outset that the President had no intention whatsoever of any accommodation with Congress when he blocked both witnesses and documents from being produced. In addition, he engaged in a course of conduct to threaten potential witnesses and smear the reputations of the civil servants who did come forward and provide testimony. The President’s actions demonstrate a belief that he is above the law, that Congress has no power whatsoever in questioning or examining his actions, and that all who do so, do so at their peril. That belief, unprecedented in the history of this country, simply must not be permitted to stand. To do otherwise risks guaranteeing that no future whistleblower or witness will ever come forward and no future President — Democrat or Republican — will be subject to Congressional oversight as mandated by the Constitution.
Senators are elected to make tough choices. We are required to study the facts of each issue before us and exercise our independent judgment in keeping with the oaths we take. The gravity of this moment, the seriousness of the charges, and the implications for future presidencies and Congresses all contributed to the difficulty with which I have arrived at my decision.
This has been a divisive time for our country, but I think it has nonetheless been an important constitutional process for us to follow. As this chapter of history draws to a close, one thing is clear: our country deserves better than this. We must find a way to come together, to set aside partisan differences, and to focus on what we have in common as Americans. We are facing great challenges both domestically and internationally, but it remains my firm belief that united, we can conquer them and remain the greatest hope for people around the world.


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Heinlein1 Robert Bunsen1 Robert Kraft1 rocks1 Rogue president4 Rolling Stone1 Romans1 Rudy Giuliani1 rule by the few1 rulers1 Russia1 Rwanda1 Sacrifices1 sage1 Salon2 Satan1 satisfaction1 Savannah Guthrie1 Savings1 scammers1 Scandal1 scarcity1 Scaring White People1 Schindler's List1 scholars1 scholarships1 School1 Science2 Science Fiction1 scientific intellect1 Scientists1 Scotland3 Second soul1 Secretary of State1 Secrets1 Secrets of success2 Security6 Self-awareness1 self-credit1 Self-help1 self-importance1 self-incrimination1 self-interest4 self-reflection2 Selfish people1 Senate Chaplain7 Senate Jury3 senses1 Serial Failure1 sex3 sexism2 sexual assault1 sexual violence1 Shame2 shares1 Sheeple1 Sicily1 Sidney Poitier1 sight1 Sigmund Freud1 Silver8 Silver standard1 Similes3 Slant truth1 Slavery1 sloth1 Small Questions3 smears1 Snark1 social class1 Social commentary1 Social norms2 Social reformers1 social responsibility1 socialism2 Societal attitudes1 sociological studies1 sociology15 Sociopathy1 Songs1 South Sea1 Southern Ireland1 Spain1 spammers1 Specie3 Spending1 spirit of fear1 Sports2 St. Augustine1 St. Patrick1 St. Patrick's Day1 Standardized testing1 Standing Committees1 starvation1 Starving children1 state secrets2 State security1 Statements1 Stay-at-home mothers1 Stephen Spender1 Stereotypes1 Steve Bannon1 Steve Jobs1 Stimulus1 stock-jobbing4 stocks4 Stranger in a Strange Land1 Study2 Stupidity1 subjective realism1 Subscribers3 Suburbia1 Success3 Successful liars1 Sudden death1 super-rich1 supply and demand5 supply vs demand2 Supremacy1 sustenance1 sweat1 sweat and tears1 Sycophants2 Syd Barrett1 symbolism1 symmetrical art1 sympathy1 T.S. Eliot1 tariffs1 tax-rates1 taxation2 tea1 Team Of Rivals1 Technology3 Terrible leaders1 Terrorists1 testimony3 Testing1 Textile trade1 Textile Trade1 Textiles1 Thanksgiving2 The Alaska Purchase1 The American Dream4 The Arts5 The Atom Bomb1 The Best1 The Bill of Rights9 The body1 The Brothers Grimm1 The Camera1 The Case Against Impeaching Trump1 The Compleat Quoted177 The Constitution2 The Constitution of the United States34 the five senses1 The Game1 the good life1 The Guardian1 The Holocaust3 The House of Representatives1 The Huffington Post1 The Internet1 The Majority2 The Majority vs The Minority2 The Mind1 The Minority1 The Moon1 The National Review1 The New York Times1 The New Yorker1 The Opposition1 The Poor11 the public1 The Rich7 The Serenity Prayer1 The soul2 The State2 The thrill1 The U.S Constitution1 the universe1 The Wall1 The Washington Post1 The Webmaster of The Querist2 The White House1 Theology1 Thirdway.org1 Thomas A Edison1 Thomas Jefferson1 threats to the environment1 Thriving economy1 Tim Minchin1 tinpot dictators1 Tipperary1 Tipping points1 Today Show1 Tolerance1 Tommy Orange1 Tony Hayward2 tools1 Topical queries47 trade1 Trade21 trade limits1 trade schools2 Trade schools3 Trade with France1 Traders1 transcripts1 Transparency1 travel1 Treasure hunters1 Trends2 Tribal myth1 Trickle down economics1 Trickle Up Theory1 trolls1 True measure1 true religion1 Trump era2 trust1 truth8 truthiness1 tuition1 TV2 U.S. President1 U.S. Voters1 unbalanced trade4 Uncivilized1 Uncle Tom's Cabin1 undocumented aliens1 Unexpected questions1 unfair trade2 unforeseen occurrences1 unhealthy love1 unintended consequences1 Universal themes1 Universities5 University of Berkeley California1 unlimited executive power2 unstable economy2 Untold stories1 untruths3 upper class3 Uprisings1 Useless currency1 utopia2 Utopia3 Valentine's Day1 Valerie Elverton Dixon1 Value2 vanity2 Vanity4 Venetians2 Venice2 Victory1 virtue1 Visionaries1 Voice1 Volodymyr Zelensky1 Voltaire1 Vote for Conviction3 Voting2 Walking2 Wandering1 War1 warnings3 Washington Examiner1 wealth16 Weapons1 weather1 Webmaster's queries184 welfare1 What Do You See?1 What does love look like?1 What If?2 What is Art?1 What is Pornography?1 What is THE QUERIST?2 whistle blowers1 White lies1 White Supremacists1 Wickedness1 Wilbur Wright1 Wilhelm Carl1 Willem de Kooning1 William Barr1 William H. Seward1 wine3 Wisdom2 witnesses2 Women3 Women and men2 Women on TV1 Women's Rights1 work3 work programs1 Working for the people1 writers3 writing1 wrongdoing1 Yes-men1 Yoga pants1 Young men1 Youtube1
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