21st Century: Query 81 (Donald Trump)

“Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.” ~ Donald Trump Based on this person’s past and present behavior, how are these two statements true? False?

Part 1: Query 179

Qu. Whether she would not be a very vile matron, and justly thought either mad or foolish, that should give away the necessaries of life from her naked and famished children, in exchange for pearls to stick in her hair, and sweetmeats to please her own palate?

21st Century: Query 80 (Elijah Cummings)

“Every time something bad happens to me, I don’t ask the question, ‘Why did it happen to me?’ The question I ask is, ‘Why did it happen for me?’” ~ Elijah Cummings (1951 – 2019) What does the late Rep. Cummings mean by this statement?

Part 1: Query 178

Qu. Whether it would not be wise so to order our trade as to export manufactures rather than provisions, and of those such as employ most hands?

21st Century: Query 79

As per the emoluments clause, should the President of the United States profit from the Presidency, beyond his or her salary and expenses? Why or why not?

Part 1: Query 177

Qu. Whether the quantities of beef, butter, wool, and leather, exported from this island, can be reckoned the superfluities of a country, where there are so many natives naked and famished? 

21st Century: Query 78

In 1930’s and 1940’s Nazi Germany, some Jews chose to support Adolf Hitler and his regime; in 2019, some African-Americans, including a famous rap star, are supporting a white supremacist U.S. President. Why would religious and minority groups support a government when its leaders are obviously working against their interests, even to the point of minority cleansing?

Part 1: Query 176

176. Qu. Whether trade be not then on a right foot, when foreign commodities are imported in exchange only for domestic superfluities?

21st Century: Query 77

Should the age of a U.S. Presidential candidate be a factor? Why or why not? What would be the pros of electing someone in his or her sixties or seventies? In his/her thirties or forties? Cons?

Part 1: Query 175

Qu. What foreign imports may be necessary for clothing and feeding the families of persons not worth above one hundred pounds a year? And how many wealthier there are in the kingdom, and what proportion they bear to the other inhabitants?

21st Century: Query 76

Is a U.S. President’s use of Presidential power absolute? Why or why not? For example, if a President refuses to obey subpoenas issued by Congress or the courts, what recourse does Congress and the courts have?

Part 1: Query 174

Qu. If it be resolved that we cannot do without foreign trade, whether, at least, it may not be worthwhile to consider what branches thereof deserve to be entertained, and how far we may be able to carry it on under our present limitations?

21st Century: Query 75 (Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky)

On September 25, 2019, the White House released a transcript of a bombshell telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. What effects might the bombshells contained within this transcript have on Donald Trump’s presidency? Should this post be discovered a few months or even years from now, what effects have these revelations had on the Trump era? Was the outcome predictable? Discuss.

Part 1: Query 173

Qu. Whether it is possible the country should be well improved, while our beef is exported, and our labourers live upon potatoes?

21st Century: Query 74 (Al Jourgensen)

“I’m not a real Halloween kind of guy, because Halloween is every day.” ~ Al Jourgensen, frontman for “Ministry,” an industrial rock band How is Jourgensen’s claim true or false? What does his statement reveal about him? How does it fit within his musical background?

Part 1: Query 172

Qu. Whether national wants ought not to be the rule of trade? And whether the most pressing wants of the majority ought not to be first consider'd?

21st Century: Query 73

What actions constitute a gross abuse of power?

Part 1: Query 171

Qu. Whether the vanity and luxury of a few ought to stand in competition with the interest of a nation?

21st Century: Query 72

The above photo represents a specific time in place and history (1959 at the Nevada Club in Las Vegas). What do you observe in terms of sociological norms of the day? How would you describe the central figure, the woman in the Harlequin glasses? The supporting figures around her? The Nevada Club? How might 1959 differ from present day? Remain the same?

Part 1: Query 170

Qu. Why, if a bribe by the palate or the purse be in effect the same thing, they should not be alike infamous?

21st Century: Query 71 (George Mason)

Shall any man be above justice? Above all, shall that man be above it who can commit the most extensive injustice? ~ George Mason on impeachment, 1787

Part 1: Query 169

Qu. Whether Ireland can hope to thrive if the major part of her patriots shall be found in the French interest?

21st Century: Query 70 (Kellyanne Conway)

What are “alternative facts,” a term coined by Kellyanne Conway? How might we counteract such “facts” and remind our children and grandchildren that lies by any other name are still lies?

Part 1: Query 168

Qu. Whether it be not even madness to encourage trade with a nation that takes nothing of our manufacture?

21st Century: Query 69 (Jim Morrison)

Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth. But, it’s usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies. – Jim Morrison What does Jim Morrison mean when he contends that “Sex is full of lies” and how does his subsequent explanation clarify his claim? How might his take on sex be true? False?

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abuse1 abuse of power2 Adolf Hitler3 Advertising1 African-American Support of White Supremacists1 afterlife1 Age limits1 Ageism1 agriculture2 Agriculture5 aid1 Al Jourgensen1 Alcohol6 Alcohol as medicine1 Alcoholism4 Alliances1 alternative facts1 Amendment 1--Freedom of Religion Press Expression1 Amendment 10--Powers of the States and People1 Amendment 2--Right to Bear Arms1 Amendment 3--Quartering of Soldiers1 Amendment 4--Search and Seizure1 Amendment 5--Trial and Punishment Compensation for Takings1 Amendment 6--Right to Speedy Trial The Bill of Rights1 Amendment 7--Trial by Jury in Civil Cases1 Amendment 8--Cruel and Unusual Punishment1 Amendment 9--Construction of Constitution1 Amendments10 Amherst College1 Animal rights1 animals2 Armagh1 Art6 Article I--The Legislative Branch10 Article II--The Executive Branch4 Article III--The Judicial Branch3 Article IV--The States4 Article V--Amendment1 Article VI--Debts1 Article VII--Ratification1 Arts3 Atonement1 Austria1 avoidance1 Bad luck1 balance of trade6 Basic Needs4 Beer1 beggars1 Berkeley California1 Berkeley College1 Big Questions4 Bill O'Reilly1 Birthright citizenship1 Bishop of Cloyne1 Blogger1 Books1 BP2 BP disaster2 Brain Candy--corsinet.com1 Brainy Quote1 brandy1 bribery1 British Navy1 Business26 Business practices1 Carbon Footprint1 celebrity1 censorship1 child molesters1 Children6 Christianity1 Cider1 citizens1 claret1 class8 CNN2 Coinage1 Commerce1 compare and contrast1 competition1 concentration camps1 Congress1 Construction1 Construction Industry2 Copyright Notice1 Copyright Notice and Disclaimer1 Corruption5 Corruption in art1 Courts1 credit1 Credit2 Crimes1 criminals4 culture6 curiosity1 currency19 currency manipulation3 customs1 dark money1 David Plouffe1 death1 Death of Curiosity1 debts1 Defining madness1 detention centers1 devaluation1 dictatorship1 Disclaimer1 discourse1 Dispatch Online1 diversification1 DNA1 domestic trade5 Donald Trump11 DSM1 earth1 ecological disasters2 ecology2 economic growth2 economics20 Education3 Eight-word bio1 Elijah Cummings1 Emoluments clause1 employment1 Enemies1 England2 English1 environment2 Eternity.biz1 ethical dilemma1 ethical dilemmas1 Ethical queries1 Eugene Robinson1 Evils1 exertion1 existentialism2 Expenses1 exporting1 exports6 Fads3 Fair taxation1 fair trade1 fake news1 Famine1 Farming3 Farms2 fashion2 fashions1 Federal government1 fir1 food1 foreign and domestic trade2 foreign interference in elections1 foreign leaders1 foreign trade7 Foreign trade4 Fox News1 France4 free education1 free thinkers1 free will1 Freedom1 Freedom from religion1 Freedom of Religion2 Freedom of Religion argument1 freedom of speech1 Friends1 Frugality1 fulfillment1 gene manipulation1 Genoese1 Geometry1 George Berkeley180 George Mason1 George W. Bush1 God1 Gold1 Good luck1 Government5 Government Interference1 Government role1 Grandchildren1 Great Ideas1 Greed3 Greg Eghigian1 Halloween1 happiness2 Health2 High crimes and misdemeanors1 higher education1 history2 Holidays1 Holland2 Home1 Honesty1 hostile foreign leaders1 Household1 Hungary1 hunger1 ICE1 idleness2 Idleness2 illusion1 immigrants1 impeachment2 import5 import vs export3 important events1 Importing vs Exporting1 imports3 Imports4 imports vs exports1 Indiscretion1 Industrial rock1 Industry3 Injustice1 interest of the many1 Ireland14 Irish2 Islam2 Italy1 Jealousy1 Jewish Support of Nazis1 Jim Morrison1 Joe Barton1 John F. Kennedy1 John Locke1 Just Peace Theory1 Justice5 Keeping score1 Kellyanne Conway1 labor12 Land owners1 Landlords1 Laws2 legalization of Marijuana1 leisure1 lie-free life1 lies3 life1 life and death1 Life choices1 life cycle1 life lessons1 Life summary1 Limited trade1 Looking Back While Thinking Ahead1 Loss1 love1 lower class1 Lumber Industry1 luxury2 Luxury1 luxury products3 madness1 Making money1 Manufacturing9 Marijuana1 Mark Osler1 marriage1 material substance1 Math1 media1 medicine1 Mental Illness1 Michel de Montaigne1 Military2 minerals1 mining1 Mint1 Mob mentality1 mobile phones1 Monetary systems2 money4 MSNBC1 Music1 Muslims2 Naples1 Nation building2 national calamity1 national interests1 Nazis1 Necessity2 neighbors1 Neil deGrasse Tyson1 nobility2 non-humans1 Northern Ireland1 Norway2 nourishment1 Nurture vs Nature1 Oaths1 obligations1 observations1 omnipresence1 On Faith:God Must Love Dogs1 online education1 Original thought1 Orthodoxy1 Osama bin Laden1 overspending1 Pain1 Palate1 paradox1 Park Hyo-chong1 Part 1179 Patriotism2 Pedro Tabensky1 penal system2 perceivers1 Peter Abelard1 Peter Singer1 philosophers1 Philosophical questions1 Philosophy5 phoniness1 photos1 Plato1 playgrounds1 Pleasure4 Poetry2 political scandals1 Politics8 Popular Culture3 Population growth2 populism1 pornography2 poverty3 Poverty5 Power8 prayer1 Preamble1 Prejudice3 presidency2 President Barack Obama2 Presidential candidates1 Presidential power1 presidents1 pretense1 prisoners1 Prisoners1 Privacy Notice1 Privacy Notice (Not Quite a Query – Although Some Burning Questions Have Been Raised -- Updated 2019)1 products1 profiting from the Presidency1 profits1 progress1 prohibitions1 property2 Property2 property rights1 prosperity1 Psychiatric Times1 Public enemies1 Public good1 public works2 punishment1 Query 12 Query 102 Query 1001 Query 1011 Query 1021 Query 1031 Query 1041 Query 1051 Query 1061 Query 1071 Query 1081 Query 1091 Query 112 Query 1101 Query 1111 Query 1121 Query 1131 Query 1141 Query 1151 Query 1161 Query 1171 Query 1181 Query 1191 Query 122 Query 1201 Query 1211 Query 1221 Query 1231 Query 1241 Query 1251 Query 1261 Query 1271 Query 1281 Query 1291 Query 132 Query 1301 Query 1311 Query 1321 Query 1331 Query 1341 Query 1351 Query 1361 Query 1371 Query 1381 Query 1391 Query 142 Query 1401 Query 1411 Query 1421 Query 1431 Query 1441 Query 1451 Query 1461 Query 1471 Query 1481 Query 1491 Query 152 Query 1501 Query 1511 Query 1521 Query 1531 Query 1541 Query 1551 Query 1561 Query 1571 Query 1581 Query 1591 Query 162 Query 1601 Query 1611 Query 1621 Query 1641 Query 1651 Query 1661 Query 1671 Query 1681 Query 1691 Query 172 Query 1701 Query 1711 Query 1721 Query 1731 Query 1741 Query 1751 Query 1761 Query 1771 Query 1781 Query 1791 Query 182 Query 192 Query 22 Query 202 Query 212 Query 222 Query 232 Query 242 Query 252 Query 262 Query 272 Query 282 Query 292 Query 32 Query 302 Query 313 Query 322 Query 332 Query 342 Query 352 Query 362 Query 372 Query 382 Query 392 Query 42 Query 402 Query 412 Query 422 Query 432 Query 442 Query 452 Query 462 Query 473 Query 482 Query 492 Query 52 Query 502 Query 512 Query 522 Query 532 Query 543 Query 552 Query 562 Query 572 Query 582 Query 592 Query 62 Query 602 Query 612 Query 622 Query 632 Query 642 Query 652 Query 662 Query 672 Query 682 Query 692 Query 72 Query 702 Query 712 Query 722 Query 732 Query 742 Query 752 Query 762 Query 772 Query 781 Query 792 Query 82 Query 802 Query 812 Query 821 Query 831 Query 841 Query 851 Query 861 Query 871 Query 881 Query 891 Query 92 Query 901 Query 911 Query 921 Query 931 Query 941 Query 951 Query 961 Query 971 Query 981 Query 991 questions3 Raising Questions1 rape1 reality1 relationships1 Religion3 renegade leaders1 Reproduction1 respect1 Revenge1 riches1 rocks1 Rogue president1 Romans1 rule by the few1 Sacrifices1 sage1 Salon1 scammers1 Scaring White People1 Science1 Scientists1 self-incrimination1 self-interest3 self-reflection1 Selfish people1 sex2 sexism1 sexual assault1 Sicily1 Silver1 Small Questions3 social responsibility1 socialism1 sociological studies1 sociology15 Southern Ireland1 Spain1 spammers1 Spending1 starvation1 Starving children1 state secrets2 Stimulus1 subjective realism1 supply and demand4 supply vs demand1 Supremacy1 sustenance1 symmetrical art1 taxation1 tea1 Technology2 Textile trade1 Textile Trade1 Textiles1 The Arts2 The Bill of Rights9 The body1 The Compleat Quoted25 The Constitution of the United States34 The Game1 the good life1 The Guardian1 The Huffington Post1 The Internet1 The Majority2 The Majority vs The Minority2 The Minority1 The New York Times1 The Poor5 The Rich4 The soul1 The State1 The thrill1 The U.S Constitution1 The Wall1 The Washington Post1 Theology1 threats to the environment1 tinpot dictators1 Tipperary1 Tony Hayward2 Topical queries15 trade1 Trade13 trade limits1 trade schools2 Trade schools3 transcripts1 travel1 Trends1 Trickle down economics1 Trickle Up Theory1 trolls1 true religion1 truth3 tuition1 U.S. President1 unbalanced trade3 undocumented aliens1 Unexpected questions1 unfair trade2 unforeseen occurrences1 unintended consequences1 University of Berkeley California1 untruths3 upper class3 utopia2 Utopia3 Valerie Elverton Dixon1 Value1 vanity2 Vanity4 Venetians2 virtue1 Volodymyr Zelensky1 Voting1 War1 wealth10 Webmaster's queries65 welfare1 What Do You See?1 What If?1 What is Art?1 What is Pornography?1 What is THE QUERIST?2 whistle blowers1 White Supremacists1 wine3 witnesses1 Women2 Women and men1 Women's Rights1 work1 work programs1 wrongdoing1 Young men1
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