Friday, June 18, 2010

Topical Query: 6/18/10

From David Plouffe, Organizing for America, in a June 18 email to the webmaster:
When BP CEO Tony Hayward testified before Congress [on June 17], many expected to hear him apologize for the disaster his company has caused. Instead, GOP Congressman Joe Barton was the one saying he was sorry -- to BP.

In his opening statement, Barton, the top Republican on the committee overseeing the oil spill and its aftermath, delivered a personal apology to the oil giant. He said the $20 billion fund that President Obama directed BP to establish to provide relief to the victims of the oil disaster was a "tragedy in the first proportion."
Many Republicans, who are adamantly pro-business, agree with Congressman Barton's assessment.

What do you think? Should foreign corporations who do business in the U.S. be given a "pass" when their equipment fails and threatens the livelihood of U.S. citizens, or should they be financially responsible for their mistakes?

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